Adding Strip Lights to some Transition Steps.

Adding Strip Lights to some Transition Steps.




Ready to add some light to your steps? Here is what was involved with this install:


Installation Steps:

 The two biggest challenge for this install were determining where to place the LED 12V transformer and how to control the lights. Fortunately for this dealer, they were able to fish a low voltage wire from the beginning of the tape run to an open space below. As for the control, adding an inexpensive smart dimmer and keypad from Lutron resolved this challenge.

Step 1. Fished a 16AWG 2 wire from the open space below the kitchen to the front of the step. Concealing the low voltage wire can be a challenge but there are many tricks that can be used to overcome these challenges. Using a SwitchEX Dimmer/Transformer switch can resolve the issue of finding locations for the transformer and dimmer.

Step 2. Mount the 45° Chromopath Channel under the lip of the steps. Cuts can be made with a hand saw (metal blade) or a power saw. Channels are mounted using the provided mounting clips.

Step 3. Insert the LED tape into the channel. Remove the backing from the tape to expose the 3M sticky tape for mounting purposes.

Step 4. Connect the lead wires from the LED strip tape to the low voltage wires that were fished to location in step 1.

Step 5. Cover channels with Frosted Lens covers.

Step 6. Mount and wire the LED OmniDrive Transformer. Connect the low voltage wires to the low voltage leads and then connect the high voltage wires to the switch leg of the dimmer.

Step 7. In this case the dealer was able to install a Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer in the basement open area and have it paired to a Lutron Caseta Pico Keypad that was mounted in the upstairs family room area. The Pico mounts directly to the wall without a backbox but looks exactly like a single gang wall switch.

Step 8.  Test everything and confirm the customer was a happy camper.


If you need help designing or specifying lighting for an upcoming project, Contact Energy Squad for help.

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