Now you see them, Now you Don't!

Now you see them, Now you Don't!

What do you do when you have limited space and a lot of low voltage lighting?   Check out this creative installation in a condo.

Here is what was involved:

Prep Work:

This particular condo had over 500' of DiodeLED strip tape installed.  The challenge, where do you place all the needed transformers and still adhere to the recommended distances for each tape type.  After some good planning,  utilizing three empty spaces and Lutron's Homeworks Lighting Control system,  this customer was able to get everything they wanted and more.


Much of this install occurred behind the scenes.  Using spread sheets, spec sheets and voltage drop charts, the installer charted all the strip tape runs and transformer locations.  With the hard part behind them,  the electrician did a beautiful job laying out and wiring all the required DiodeLED Magnetic transformers.


A clean install with over 50 low voltage transformers hidden around the house but still easily accessible for servicing.  


Material Used:

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