So that's what I look like in the morning.....

So that's what I look like in the morning.....

Tired of waking up in the morning, turning your bathroom lights on and then waiting 10-15 minutes for the horrible CFL lamps to warm up enough so that you can see to shave or put on your make-up?  Well this homeowner was too and what a wake-up call they received when they swapped out their old CFL lamps and trims for these ALL-in ONE LED retrofit kits from Topaz Lighting.

Lets look at what was involved with this installation:

Prep work:

After reviewing the space with the homeowner, it was quickly determined that the old lighting was just not bright enough and that the room just didn't look "crisp" and "clean".  After installing a single sample from Topaz Lighting's   ALL-in One retrofit series, the homeowner was convinced that a change was exactly what this bathroom needed.


With the power off to the recessed lighting,  removing all the old CFL bulbs and recessed trims.  Keep in mind, CFL lamps need to be recycled at your local recycling center,  they can NOT be disposed of in your normal waste receptacles.  With the trims and bulbs removed,  screw in the edison adaptor, pinch the tension arms from the new trim into the tension clips located inside the recessed can and push everything up.


Edison Adaptor (included)

Tension Arms


Tension Arms inserted
in Tension Clips


The pictures speak for themselves.  The customer immediately commented on how crisp things looked.  "It reminds me of when we changed from our SD TV to a new HD TV,  everything seems to have better detail."  This simple change brought the punch back into an extraordinary space. 


Read more about recessed lighting retrofit options.  If you would like some more help with your upcoming recessed lighting project, CONTACT an Energy Squad expert.

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