Don't Throw Away Those Old Fixtures Just Yet.....

Don't Throw Away Those Old Fixtures Just Yet.....

When this Property Manager was faced with failing CFL bulbs, a maintenance team that was spending more time changing light bulbs then fixing things that really needed attention, and a lighting budget that was shrinking from maintenance and material fees, he contacted Energy Squad for a solution. What to do?? They didn't want to replace all the fixtures for LED Fixture's because they just installed these 5 years earlier and they still looked nice.


NEW Fixture with CFL Lamps

14W CFL Lamps

45 total Watts
with transfromers

The Solution:

After weighing out the possible options, Energy Squad determined that for this install replacing the "guts" of the fixture with an 8" Terralux LED ring was the way to go. Consuming only 15W, a third less than the combined wattage of the CFL's, an Energy Star rating and over 60,000 hour lifetime rating meant a quick return on their investment.

How it went Down:

With a space in the basement, workers removed the fixtures and brought them to a staging location where other workers removed and recycled the CFL's and ballasts. Then a new 8" Terralux ring was installed and tested. With the fixture all finished, it was back to the hallways for installation.


Fixture "Gutted"

Installing the Terralux LED

Just Like New but Better!

End Results:

One happy Property Manager, hundreds of happy residents, and many years of energy & maintenance savings to come. With the new Terralux LED's in place... the hallways never looked so good!  

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