7 Products from DiodeLED that are worth Seeing......

7 Products from DiodeLED that are worth Seeing......

Check out these 7 Products from DiodeLED that you may not know existed.

1. Switchex Driver and Dimmer Switch:  Starting Retail: $141.50

SWITCHEX combines an LED dimmer switch and LED power supply into a single integrated unit. The SWITCHEX Dimmer-Driver accepts 120 VAC and converts it to low voltage DC, all within a standard electrical box. With power options up to 100W, it is a true evolutionary step forward for power and control of LED applications. The integrated driver that converts 120 VAC to either 12 VDC or 24 VDC. That means this is all you need between your line voltage and low voltage lighting. Best of all, it all fits in a single gang box. 

2. Sidewinder 12V LED Tape:   Starting Retail: $294.00

SIDEWINDER 12V LED Tape Light features a unique design with surface-mount LED chips that project light at a 90° angle (parallel to the surface) from which it is mounted. This highly specialized linear LED lighting solution can be surface-mounted or installed in a vertical slot allowing the light source hidden from view, opening up many lighting possibilities. SIDEWINDER creates a hidden light source that grazes the wall with light. The High Density version of SIDEWINDER Tape Light provides twice the lumen output of our standard output SIDEWINDER. Perfect for staircases, toe kicks, hand rails, shelving and edge lighting.

3. Premium Diffused Lens Covers:  Retail: $10.95

CHROMA PATH Channel Covers are used in conjunction with CHROMAPATH Channels to protect and provide multiple levels of light diffusion for indoor LED tape lights. Premium Diffusion Cover is the ultimate in total diffusion for uninterrupted continuous LED light output. Please note there is an average warm shift in Kelvin of 75K and an average 24% decrease in delivered lumens. LM-79 reports for Premium Diffusion Covers and tape lights are available upon request. (Not for use with DUO Channel. Not for use with DAZZLE® RGBW or VALENT® LED Tape Light).

4. SPOT MOD LED FIXTURES:  Starting Retail: $37.00


The SPOTMOD LINK features daisy chain connectors for multi-fixture installations (up to seven) and can be surface mounted or recess mounted. Features include exceptional color rendering with 90+ CRI values and architectural grade styling with slim, ultra-sleek profile. The single LED “Chip-on-Board” design provides a single light source shadow that is ideal for modern and sophisticated applications. Each lightweight fixture delivers 220+ lumens of light making them ideal for under cabinet and display lighting applications. There are two fixture types, the SPOTMOD Square LED Fixture and the SPOTMOD Round LED Fixture.

5. Remote Control Inline LED Dimmer Switch:  Retail $21.50

The Remote Control Inline LED Dimmer Switch is an ultra-compact inline dimmer that's easy to install and use. This wireless remote control dimmer features 8 dynamic, pre-programmed dynamic light modes that simulate candlelight, fire light, strobing effects and more; 10 brightness levels; and on/off control. This LED controller requires no extra tools to install, and the DC plugs take only a minute to connect. This slim and low-profile inline dimmer integrates seamlessly into LED lighting installations. Compatible with 12 and 24V LED tape, wireless range of 50', requires constant voltage power supply.



The ATTRIBUTE Color Controller for RGB and RGB(W) LED lighting is affordable, flexible, and easy to install. This single zone control system makes adding color to any environment effortless. Use the color wheel on the Radio Frequency (RF) remote control to pick the perfect color or choose 1 of the 10 dynamic color modes available through the remote. No need of a computer and no complex programming. ATTRIBUTE takes the complexity out of color control and makes programming a RGB and RGBW system simple.

7. VALENT X Diffused LED Tape Light:  Retail: $ COMING in MAY

VALENT X Diffused Tape Light is designed and engineered to provide high quality natural LED light with total linear diffusion. Recommended for use with CHROMAPATH® Aluminum Channels, you can create a custom fixture of smooth, uninterrupted light. No hot-spots or dark areas. VALENT X has a CRI range of 90-100, field cuttable every 1", 500+ lumens per foot and a 5 year warranty.

If you want to learn more about any of these products or the wide selection of products from DiodeLED, CONTACT an Energy Squad Expert for help with your project.

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