Adding Lighting to Any Room with DiodeLED

Adding Lighting to Any Room with DiodeLED

Challenge Level: Intermediate


  • 4' Level
  • Coordless Drill
  • Miter Saw, chop saw or hack saw with miter box.
  • Electrical Plyers
  • Electrical Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Pencil 


Ever wish you had more light in that one room of your house?  Tired of feeling like you live in a cave.  With DiodeLED strip tape you can now easily add lighting to any room.  This example shows a mudroom that had no character and was dark as night.

With no possibility of running a wire to the ceiling for a surface fixture or even a recess can or two,  Energy Squad helped this customer create an attractive, stunning and vibrant mudroom with perfect accent lighting.  Now what used to be the most unattractive room in the house is the coolest room in the house.

So the obvious question is what is involved with an installation like this?  Well here is the step by step on how this was completed.


1. Determine the height at which you would like the track installed.  The track used here is the DIODELED 45 degree track with frosted lens.

2. Draw a level line around the room with a pencil and 4' level to make sure your track stays consistent.

3. Using the mounting clips that come with the DIODELED Track,  begin screwing the clips to the walls along your level line.   Spacing the mounting clips approximately every  18" or so.  Make sure you have a mounting clip at each corner and where two channels will meet to ensure a nice transition.

4. Using safety glasses and safety gloves,  cut the channels to fit your room.  In this case we cut 45 degree angles for all inside corners and then straight cuts where the track needed to be extended along the wall.  Using end to end clips, we were able to keep the track running in a nice even line.

5. Once all of our track was installed,  we determined the location for our dimmer switch.  in this case there was only one simple option.  There was already a single gang box with a switch for an exterior light.  With the help of a master electrician,  we expanded this single gang wall box to a double gang box.  Please make sure to consult your local electrical codes when preforming this step.  Also working with HOT ELECTRICAL WIRES is NOT RECOMMENDED.

6.  Once this was done,  we ran the necessary low voltage wire from the track location, through the wall and down inside our new two gang box. 

7.  The customer wanted more of an accent light for this space, so they went with a 2700K Blaze tape.  A perfect fit for what they wanted to accomplish.  The Blaze LED Tape is field cuttable and has a number of easy fit connectors to make the job of going around corners or jumping from wall to wall very easy.

8.  Next step was installing the LED Tape light inside the track.  The LED Tape has a double sided sticky tape that is perfect for a quick install.  Just peel back the paper backing as you slowly move along the track.  

****There are a few things that you will need to keep in mind.  For this particular LED Tape,  no single run can be longer than 16'.  What that means is for every run of 16' you will need a lead wire back to the transformer,  so if you had a run of 28', you would have a lead wire connected to the first 16' of tape and then another lead wire connected to the last 12'.  If you need more help with this, don't hesitate to contact one of the Energy Squad Technical Support members.

9.  Next we added the frosted lens,  the frosted lens is also field cuttable and can be cut with a pair of regular scissors.

10.  The last thing we did was calculate the total wattage of the LED Tape and then selected the correct LED driver.  In this case, we made it very easy for ourselves.  DiodeLED has a selection of dimmer switches with built in LED drivers that makes these installs that much easier.  No need to hide a transformer somewhere and then run wires all over the place.  We installed the dimmer switch, turned the power back on and tested.


Another satisfied customer and better yet a solution that can be implemented anywhere in the home.

  • Mudroom
  • Hallways
  • Dining Room
  • Living Room
  • Closet
  • Master Bathroom
  • Master Bedroom
  • Kitchen

For more information on this installation,  email or go to our Kits Section of the website and order your LED Strip Kit today.


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