Adding a touch of blue can make you Smile!!!

Adding a touch of blue can make you Smile!!!

Challenge Level: Intermediate


  • Measuring Tape
  • Cordless Drill
  • Various drill bits
  • Hack Saw or Chop Saw
  • Scissors
  • Electrical Plyers
  • Electrical Snips
  • Waterproof Sealant

When this Energy Squad customer came to us looking for a creative way to add some light to their indoor porch,  we thought what a great opportunity to add some color in their lives.   The finished result,  an amazingly "cool" feeling space where one can relax, listen to some music and stare off into the stars.   Here is how it was done:

1.  The first step was to determine where the light was going to be installed.  In this case the customer wanted to run a single strip down the back rail,  connect it to a transformer that would be located by an outlet that was linked to a controllable dimmer/switch.

2.  Next we determined the best track to use was going to be the Slim Channel Chromopath track.  The Slim track allowed us to hide the channel under the lip of the top edge and create a very subtle light affect.  The slim channel was installed using a double sided sticky 3M tape rated for outdoor usage.  The total length of this run was just under 16' so we had to use a hacksaw to cut the last piece of channel to fit.

3.  After the track was installed,  we installed the LED Blue tape.  This too has a sticky adhesive and once the backing is removed,  the tape easily fits inside the track and creates a tight bond.

4. Next we determined the gauge wire we needed to run from the transformer to the beginning of the LED tape.  In this case we needed to run a 18 gauge wire to ensure the proper voltage throughout the length of tape.

***it is important to check the voltage drop charts for each type of tape you are selecting.  based on the tape type,  the voltage drop charts will change.  Ignoring the voltage charts may cause failure of your product, shortened life span and in some cases, the tape wont work at all.

5.  Next we connected the lead wire to the tape and transformer.  Once this was done we tested to make sure we didn't have any issues.   This particular customer already had the outlet that was powering the transformer controlled by a forward phase smart dimmer.  This smart dimmer allows the customer to control the lights from the dimmer,  a keypad button, an app and also a built in time clock.  Talk about how many ways can one person control their lights, haha.

6.  After that, we sealed up all the connections and installed the frosted lenses.  The lenses can be trimmed to size using a standard pair of scissors.  The lenses snap directly into the channel and help diffuse the light as well as protect the diodes. 


A touch of blue accent lighting is a perfect way to bring some subtle light to your life.  Here are a few places that blue lighting can make a huge difference in your life:

  • Above Cabinets
  • Toe Kicks for nighttime accent lighting
  • Hallways for nighttime accent lighting
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Backlight TV or Theater Screens
  • Home Bar
  • Kids Room as a night light

These are just a couple spaces Energy Squad dealers are installing Blue LED tape light.  Share your installs with Energy Squad for a chance to win cool Energy Squad products.

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