LED's That Replicate the Look of Vintage Style Bulbs

LED's That Replicate the Look of Vintage Style Bulbs

Vintage Edison Bulb or LED, can you tell the difference?

Specialty manufacturers of LED lightbulbs have finally mastered the art of mimicking the warm, vintage glow of the ‘filament style’ incandescent. Now there’s an acceptable LED replacement option for just about any fixture featuring the bulb as part of its design.

Archipelago Lighting is dedicated to reinventing classic lighting. Their Vintage LED Series combines the classic design of glass vintage bulbs with their advanced energy-saving LED technology. 

Classic designs with soft amber glass and brass colored bases – Archipelago’s advanced LED color management system runs cool, but looks warm and rustic.

The Vintage LED product line features a variety of styles and sizes all with an ultra-warm 2200K color temperature. All feature amber glass and ‘threaded’ LEDs, integrated driver-free technology, and are compatible with a wide range of dimmers and lighting control systems. Need help selecting the right Vintage LED replacement option for fixture? Please contact sales@energysquad.com for more information!

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