11 Strip Lighting Packages for Any Application

11 Strip Lighting Packages for Any Application

Looking for an easy way to create the right ambiance for any room?  We've created 11 easy to install LED strip tape packages from accent to task to RGB.

The kitchen is a great place to add LED strip lighting. In this example, a low wattage tape was installed to accent the above cabinets, a medium wattage tape on the toe-kick for ambiance and then a high wattage high CRI tape for the under cabinet lighting. One space, 3 different opportunities.


Here is another example of a Kitchen utilizing a higher wattage and higher CRI tape for the task lighting on the counters. Higher CRI tape lights in the kitchen and eating areas keep food looking appetizing.

Tape lighting isn't just for Kitchens. Utilizing the different channel types,  you can turn a dark staircase from a hazard into a focal point.  Grandma is safe again.

Trying to figure out how to light up your favorite collectibles? LED tape is a perfect alternative because of its low profile and low heat output. Now turn those old bookshelves into an art exhibit or a place to grow tomatoes.

Ready to take it up a notch? Using RGB or RGBW LED tape you will be able to set the mode for any occasion.  Create your own favorite lighting scenes or cycle through some preset options, either way you will be the talk of the town.


To learn more about the various LED Tape packages, click HERE.  These Kits are meant to be simple plug and play systems.  If you have an install that you think may require a more robust solution,  feel free to CONTACT one of our experts to assist with your job.

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