How Artificial Lighting could Change the Entire Heath Care Industry

How Artificial Lighting could Change the Entire Heath Care Industry

Florence Nightingale, in 1836, wrote about the benefits of sunlight to recovering patients in her Notes on Hospitals.  She said "the axis of a ward should be as nearly as possible north and south; the windows on both side, so that the sun shall shine in (from the time he rises till the time he sets) at one side or the other.  There should be a window to at least every two beds, as is the case now in our best hospitals."  But as the population has grown and space has dwindled, creating this oasis for recovery has become harder than ever.

What if you could turn any space and I mean any space into that perfect environment where sun and daylight are present all the time?  Meet Coelux,  the manufacture of Artificial Skylights so real that patients are confused. Dr. Piero Picozzi explains "The effects of the produced blue sky and the shining sun are so real, I often find myself explaining to patients that it’s fake. In the bunkers, where the areas must be dark to protect the technicians against radiation, the patients, especially the claustrophobic ones, are negatively impacted by stress. The light is therapeutic, improving the patients’ mood, causing them to smile which is important when facing a difficult illness.”

 CoeLux uses an enclosed LED projector backlighting a thin layer of plastic, sprinkled with nanoparticles, that mimics the sun and atmosphere. It’s not just the color temperature that’s the same — the quality of the light, and even the shadows, feel amazingly the same as well.   

People who have had a chance to experience the skylight so far have been tricked into believing that there was an actual hole in the ceiling, and the sample photos on the CoeLux website come with a cautionary note: “The photographs on this site are real and unretouched. They are not computer renderings.”  

Coelux is changing the way spaces are experienced,  the possibilities are endless.  

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