Wow now thats a nice Package!

Wow now thats a nice Package!

If your company sells & installs lighting control or just basic dimmers, and you haven't heard that phrase before, then you are missing out on a great opportunity. With the advent of LED lighting, understanding the compatibility between the various dimming solutions and the many different LED luminaire's will not only eliminate call backs and frustrated customers, but make your installs stand out as well.



When was the last time you sold a new Router, but you let the plumber sell and install the Wireless Access Points? Or you Installed all the dimmers, but let the Landscaper sell and install the cover plates? How about some beautiful cherry kitchen cabinets, but let your kids soccer team install the counter tops? The answer is NEVER, and the reason is: because YOU are the expert, and you know what is needed to finish the job correctly. Well lighting and lighting control should be treated the same way - and it's time for you to become the expert. What's the point of specifying the lighting control system or basic dimmer if you are just going to let someone else sabotage your install?


Be honest, how many times have you completed a lighting control job, set all your trim levels, programmed lighting loads, set scenes and tested the entire system? Then a month later you receive a call that YOUR lighting control system isn't working or that YOUR dimmer is no longer dimming the lights correctly and someone needs to get out there ASAP to fix them. You arrive ready to replace dozens of faulty dimmers and reprogram the system, only to find that the home owner replaced all the bulbs with a bunch of CFL's or non-dimming LED's?  



I can't even tell you how many times I have been in a home where the builder, architect, designer or contractor just finished an amazing renovation project but the poor lighting tells a completely different story. More times than I can count, stunning kitchen remodels look average at best because the lighting was an afterthought. For less than 5% of what this kitchen cost, the contractor could have blown away the homeowner with some beautiful under cabinet lighting, warm dimming recessed cans, and accent lighting on the toe kicks. If you built a kitchen to last, wouldn't you want your lighting to be the same way?



Now is the time to become the expert in your market. Start selling lighting control and LED lighting as a package. Take complete control of your installations, wow your customers with beautiful lighting, reduce call-backs, and really deliver a lighting solution that will last a lifetime!

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