Elegant Warm-Dimming Recessed Lighting from Reggiani

Elegant Warm-Dimming Recessed Lighting from Reggiani

Reggiani has done it again. It wasn't long ago when we were all picking up our jaws from the floor after seeing their Trybeca Collection. With a wide assortment of architectural downlights, they took the residential and commercial world by storm.

Well Reggiani is back with a new gamechanger from the Trybeca Collection, their Warm Dimming models. What's so great about warm dimming LED's you say? Well, typical LED lights maintain their original color temperature (CCT) as they dim, shocking to some that were accustomed to the warm amber feel of an incandescent light as it was dimmed. Warm Dimming LED's emulate that color changing feel and look.

Warm dimming technology is perfect for diffuse and accent downlight applications in hotels, restaurants as well as kitchens, family rooms and home theaters. Available in two wattages, a 13W and 34W version and three form factors, round, square and rectangle, Trybeca has you covered for both small and large environments.

Not impressed yet? Well when the lights are dimmed from 3000K to 2000K, the CRI (Color Rendering Index) remains high and steady at up to 97 in addition to an excellent R9 value (up to 92). All of that adds up to outstanding color quality and perfect for high-end commercial and retail applications as well as being a perfect LED downlight for that elegant residential application. 

For more information on the Warm Dimming Series from the Trybeca collection,  Contact one of the Energy Squad Experts.

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