Energy Squad Partners with Topaz Lighting

Energy Squad Partners with Topaz Lighting

This weeks featured Company is Topaz. Topaz has been in business for 30 years and has earned the reputation for being "The Easiest Company to Do Business With in the Industry." With over 17,000 products in stock, Topaz has the answer to any of your lighting needs.

 Need something the next day? Their products are always in stock and ready for fast delivery. Get your orders to Energy Squad by 3:00 PM ET so that we can process them well ahead of the 4:00 PM ET deadline. 

Topaz uses the latest proven LED technologies in all of their LED products.  Whether you need a high color rendering index, maximum lumens per watts or impressive dimming capabilities, Topaz has an LED light for you.

Don't forget about your outdoor projects. The Topaz family of outdoor LED luminaries combine their highly efficient LED technologies with a sleek contemporary look suitable for any outdoor commercial or residential application.

Topaz family of LED retrofit Units is one of the hottest selling items on the Energy Squad Store. Available in 4" and 5"/6" sizes, all with 90+ CRI for maximum color rendering without the high heat or UV cast by halogens.


Contact an Energy Squad Expert for help with any of your Residential or Commercial Projects.

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