Amazon's Alexa is all the Talk at Cedia 2016

Amazon's Alexa is all the Talk at Cedia 2016

Energy Squad and Amazon Alexa at Cedia 2016

Voice Control is Here to Stay!! Let Energy Squad Build Your First Custom Voice Skill.

The big buzz surrounding Cedia 2016 was Amazon and their Alexa Voice Control. If you didn't get a chance to stop by their booth this year then you missed one of the hottest and busiest booths in Dallas.  
Energy Squad and Amazon Alexa Voice Control

Amazon's display showcased a typical kitchen and bedroom, well I say "typical" but these rooms were far from typical. Each demo room was filled with products from industry leaders like; Control4, Crestron, Lutron Ra2, Bose, Honeywell, DiodeLED via Lutron and Big Ass Fans.  The rooms were programmed to trigger specific scenes based on voice commands. Depending on the device or scene you wanted triggered, the end usThe voice commands featured both Alexa's ability to respond to both custom and smart home commands or skills in the Amazon world.

Energy Squad and Amazon Alexa Voice Control

So what is the difference between a Smart Skill and a Custom Skill? A smart skill uses Alexa's built in API protocols to trigger Voice requested events.  Control4 for example built their Alexa Skill using the Smart home protocols. This allows a Control4 programmer to trigger Scenes, Lights, Macros or anything else you can think of with the utterance, Alexa, Turn On......(name created in Control4) or Alexa, Turn Off.....(name created in Control4) something.  This skill is simple to set up and even easier to program.

Energy Squad and Amazon Alexa Voice Control Cedia 2016
A custom skill requires a developer to build everything from scratch. It also requires the end user to invoke the request by asking Alexa to Ask "Insert Name"(typically a manufacture or other name) to do something.  For example, Awair is a company that makes smart air quality boxes that when connected to your home network and linked to your Alexa account can tell you about your air quality. One can say..Alexa, ask AWAIR to tell me about my air quality.  Alexa then would respond with the programmed response. There are many examples of custom skills and these can be found once you set up your Alexa account. My favorite, the Umpire Insult Skill.


Voice control is improving the experience homeowners are having with their smart products and increasing new business opportunities for people every where.  No matter your industry, Voice can play a new part in making you more successful.  Contact Energy Squad today and let our team of experts help you build your first Custom Voice Skill.

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