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Coming Soon to the Energy Squad store, ICF by IntegraSpec
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Who is IntegraSpec?

  • IntegraSpec® is an innovative building system that builds stronger, safer, quieter, energy efficient and environmentally friendlier homes and structures.
  • IntegraSpec® is “The User Friendly ICF” TM (Insulating Concrete Form / Insulated Concrete Form) produced in Canada, USA and also 2 plants in Europe.
  • Our unique and patented design makes it the easiest and most versatile Insulated Concrete Wall System on the market today.

    • Single Family Homes
    • Multi-Family Homes
    • Office Buildings
    • Retail
    • Hotels


    IntegraSpec® is an Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) consisting of 2 panels of expanded polystyrene (EPS) married with high impact polystyrene inserts used to hold patented webs/spacers designed to secure rebar as needed.
    Once stacked together, these forms represent a mold ready for concrete placement, similar to a traditionally poured concrete wall; however, ICF forms never leave the concrete providing a multitude of tasks: