Custom Voice Skills--Let Energy Squad Build Yours Today.

 Voice Integration is here to stay!

Are we seeing the next huge innovation in the smart home industry? We at Energy Squad think the time is finally right for Voice Control to become a major player in the way we control and interact with our homes, businesses and even our loved ones. Think of this time period as the same as the beginning of the APP craze and the invention of the APP store. The sky is the limit.

If you are interested in building a custom voice skill for your business or personal use, CONTACT US to discuss the details of your project.



Amazon is currently the only company that has opened their API for 3rd party developers to create custom skills for all sorts of devices. Amazon seems to be leading the way in this early voice race and has already created a ton of skills and integration partners, not to mention their own Amazon store.


Google just released their Google Home device and similar to the Amazon Alexa, you can ask Google to preform a number of things. Google has not opened their API just yet but rumors are they will.  Currently Google has a handful of voice partners including their portfolio of Google services.

SIRI and Apple Home Kit

No matter which compatible accessories you choose, the Home app makes it easy to set up and control all of them, all from one place. Over 50 brands worldwide are committed to providing products that are compatible with the HomeKit framework, and the number of available accessories is growing every day. 


Those are just the ones that we hear about, what does the future hold and who are the players going to be?