Manufacture Shipping Information

Estimated Time based on products in stock.







Provides Tracking
Archipelago NO 24 HRS. 48 HRS. CA NO Limited
Civilight NO 24 HRS. 48 HRS. NV Limited** After Ships
DiodeLED YES Same Day 24 HRS. CA NO Before Ships
DMF Lighting NO 48 HRS. 72 HRS. CA NO Limited
Green Creative NO 48 HRS. 72 HRS. CA, NJ NO Limited
Juno  LIMITED 48 HRS. 48-96 HRS. IL NO Before Ships
Lutron YES 48 HRS. 48 HRS. PA NO Before Ships
Philips NO 48-96 HRS. 48-96 HRS. CA, TX, OH NO Limited
Soraa NO 48 HRS. 48-96 HRS. CA Limited** Limited
TCP YES Same Day 24 HRS. CA, OH NO Before Ships
Terralux NO 48 HRS. 48 HRS. CO NO Limited
Topaz NO Same Day Same Day* NY Most Items After Ships
other NO 72 HRS 72-96 HRS. TBD NO Limited to None

 Order processing relates to the time it takes the manufacture to enter the order into their system. Energy Squad process all orders within an hour of receiving them during regular business hours. The time listed is based on the average's we have seen throughout the time of our partnership.

*Orders received before 12:00et will be processed the same day 

**Most popular MR16's are available as quick ship items.



Q: If I get my order in before you close, will my order ship the same day?

A: NO, with the exception of Topaz (orders in before 2:00 ET) no order sent in ships the same day. See above chart for processing times. 


Q: If need something by Friday and I order on Monday, then I should be good?

A: NO, depending on the manufacture you are ordering from, it may take 2-5 days just to process the order. This is not an Energy Squad limitation, this is a limitation of the Lighting Manufactures themselves. See chart above for clarification.


Q: Can I request overnight or another expedited shipping option?

A: YES but overnight may not actually be overnight. Mesning if you order on a Tuesday and request OVERNIGHT shipping, you WILL NOT receive your order on Wednesday. The order will ship overnight once it is processed. (See estimated chart above.)


Q: Why doesn't Energy Squad Stock products so we can get products quicker?

A: With over 40 different manufacturing partners and 1000's of products sku's per manufacture, it is impossible for Us to maintain a stocking inventory and still deliver competitive pricing.


Q: What if I need something in two days, what can I do?

A: Contact Us concerning the project and we can determine what options are available.