Picking Channel

How do I know which Channel to Pick?

Understanding where you are installing the tape will help direct you to the correct channel.  For example, lets say you are installing Tape Light under cabinets in your kitchen,  you most likely will want a surface mount channel.  Knowing how much depth you have will tell you if you can use a standard size channel or a slim channel.

How many different channel are there?

I think we have a channel for every possible install currently.  We have several different types of surface mount channels,  several 45° channels for corner installs, some new recessed channels that are designed to be recessed into various construction materials and channels that have kits that can be installed as suspended fixtures.

OK, so looks like there are a lot of options but it sounds like I need to be Bob Vila to install these.  Do I need to have an engineering degree to install one of these channels?

HAHA,  not at all.  Most of the channels install with a simple clip.  Some can be installed with a commercial grade double sided tape and others have a very simple expansion clip to hold the channel in place.  The suspended channel will require a little planning but nothing that would force you to get an internship with a major construction company.

Oh good.  But wait,  these tracks come in 2', 4' and 8' sections.  My cabinet is 39", 42" and 28".  What do I do?

All the channel is field cuttable with a hack saw or chop saw.

What if I do not have those tools and do not want to go buy them just for two or three cuts?

You are in luck!  Most manufactures will custom cut their channel to any size, add the end caps and the lens of your choice and ship a complete finished product to you.  

I am still confused about a few things and I do not see the answers here,  what do I do?

Feel free to contact one of Energy Squad's professionals to assist you with your project.