Power Supplies

Choose between Dimmable, Non-Dimmable, Stand Alone and Plug-In Adapters.


 OmniDrive Electronic Dimmable 

With a built-in filter that eliminates flickering and compatibility with a wide range of dimmers, OMNIDRIVE offers truly superior performance for powering LED lighting.

Magnetic Dimmable

These dimmable drivers enable installation of low voltage LED fixtures and can be dimmed with a 120V MLV dimmer switch.

Lutron Hi-Lume Dimmable

Provides smooth, continuous, flicker free dimming with the use of Lutron® MLV controls for 12V and 24V DC sources up to 40W.

0-10V Dimmable Driver

0-10V Drivers are essential components for retrofitting low voltage LED fixtures in 0-10V control systems.

Constant Voltage (Non-Dimming)

Use a Constant Voltage LED Driver to power your low voltage LED tape light and fixtures.

Plug-In Adaptors

A portable, flexible power supply to power low voltage lighting.

SwitchEX Dimmable Driver and Switch

SWITCHEX combines an LED dimmer switch and LED power supply into a single integrated unit.

Power Accessories


A large selection of accessories from junction boxes, power splitters and power adaptors.