TecHome Builder 2018

2018 TecHome Builder Summit

Hobbes Voice-enabled Community, Family & Home Dashboard - Pilot System

Are you just entering the “smart home” market, or have yet to do so? IT’S OK! You don’t need to be a technology expert, but you should be familiar with what’s trending so that you can address your clients’ needs…….or someone else will.

Pilot System Includes:

  • On-boarding - Kick-off webinar with project Stakeholders. This is where we discuss all on-boarding requirements and answer your questions
  • Photo Frame Hobbes Tablet with Table Stand & Charging Cable
  • Custom Alexa Skill tailored for your first Community
  • Hobbes Curated Social Content for your Community

  • Hobbes Dashboard Custom Design
  • Community Calendar Integration
  • Community Amenity Information
  • Mock Family Calendar
  • Mock ToDo List
  • Local Time & Weather
  • Hobbes Network Monitor
  • Hobbes Energy Monitor
  • Flume Intelligent Water Leak Detection
  • *Hub & Existing Smart Home Device Integration

Prices for pilot project starting at $5,000 + $25/month/property (prices decrease with full-scale production)

*integrations dependent on whether client provides existing hub


Flume - Smart Water Management and Leak Detection:
Evaluation Product
Internet Connection
Access to Water Meter
Unlimited Installation & Tech Support
Price: $139 (retail price is $199)


Introduction to Hobbes Webinar & Demonstration:

Schedule an online meeting with Hobbes and your Team
Price: Free


Energy Squad - Smart Home Pilot Program for Model Homes:
Let’s do a Model Home so you and your team can see first hand what innovations are currently available to make the most of your model homes

Voice-enabled tours

Unattended access

Smart Home systems

Price starting at $3,500


Energy Squad Consulting services:
What’s your Smart Home Strategy?

We provide consulting on:

Business objectives

Pricing models (standard and options)

Platform and device selection criteria
Smart Home Playbook

Price: free stakeholder interview; project price to be quoted