$ 335.70


The BROADWAVE® is our longest and slimmest LED wall washer. It hugs close to the wall, and transforms a room with an amazing LED light show, whether in a restaurant, club, event space, or for accent lighting. This UL Listed wall washer can accommodate any lighting need, whether a party or event that calls for strong, dramatic lighting, or simply for mood lighting.

This fixture’s sleek and sturdy aluminum housing is wet location-rated, so it is suitable for garden or courtyard, on a patio or deck, poolside, near a fountain, even on a boat. Each unit comes with two sturdy mounting brackets that allow for mounting on any flat surface, including ceilings, walls, and floors. Use heat shrink sleeves (not included) to create waterproof connections between cables.

The color-changing RGB wall washer model can be operated in different modes to suit any custom installation:

  • Stand-alone mode: no other equipment is required to set the wall washer internally to generate spectacular color-changing effects, including flashing, fading, static colors and seven changing colors.
  • DMX mode: an external DMX controller or software is used to unlock thousands of possible effects and colors.