by CoeLux
$ 350.00

CoeLux ST IBLA (Louvre Only)

The CoeLux® ST is a fairly compact module, suitable for many different settings, creating an artificial window facing a luminous sky, traversed by the rays of a bright sun.

The main distinguishing feature of CoeLux® ST is that the sun is not directly visible. The rays of sun reach the eye after being reflected, diffused, refracted and diffracted by the louvre, miming the interaction of the sunlight with clouds, water, foliage, snow etc. Alternatively, they may only hit the window light-well and make it shine, as they do in nature with stone-walls against the sky.

Ibla is the name of one of the areas of the historical city centre of Ragusa, in South-West Sicily, which is now famous around the world for the treasures of its architecture. The district is a dense built up area of houses and churches made up of blocks of local limestone on top of a hill. In the heat of the summer, when the sun is almost unbearable, the walls and the roofs bounce off the sunlight which feels even warmer due to the stone's white-amber colour, as the narrow glimpses among the street let the unattainable blue cool of the sky in.

CoeLux® ST IBLA offers an artificial window featuring a clear opening to the sky without any element in the way, despite being positioned at the bottom of a deep well of light. Like NAOS, the contrast between sky and sun lies inside the well itself which produces utterly uniform lighting in the room.


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