by CoeLux
$ 350.00


 The CoeLux® ST is a fairly compact module, suitable for many different settings, creating an artificial window facing a luminous sky, traversed by the rays of a bright sun. The main distinguishing feature of CoeLux® ST is that the sun is not directly visible. The rays of sun reach the eye after being reflected, diffused, refracted and diffracted by the louvre, miming the interaction of the sunlight with clouds, water, foliage, snow etc. Alternatively, they may only hit the window light-well and make it shine, as they do in nature with stone-walls against the sky.

CoeLux® ST NAOS: “Naos” (cell) is the name of the inner and most sacred part of the Greek temples, where the divinity statue usually was. According to the criteria of balance and harmony between every element of the Greek architecture, the cell was surrounded by perimeter columns as an opening on the landscape. The direct light of the sun filtered in and out of the temple throughout the day, modelled by the columns and their flutes able to give almost a musical rhythm to the space. CoeLux® ST NAOS, available in two different versions, offers an artificial window made up of various glimpses of sky, each of which set in its own white cell of light. Just like the columns of the temple, the rays of the sun hit the surface making it occasionally bright. This way, they mark multiple irregular yet parallel shadows, whose perspective ensures the presence of infinite space. Despite the remarkable chromatic contrast produced by the light of the sky and of the sun on the cell system, this device delivers utterly uniform light in the room thanks to the perfect blend of the two elements bouncing light among the cells.

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