DiodeLED DOUBLE BLAZE™ LED Tape Light Connectors

$ 5.40


DOUBLE BLAZE™ LED Tape Light Connectors are made specifically for DOUBLE BLAZE 12V LED Tape Light. These 12V DC connectors are available in four different models:

  • DC Plug Connector: joins our LED strip and tape lighting with a 12V DC adapter and DC plug accessories.
  • Splice Connector: joins strip/tape light to a low-voltage 12V DC hard-wired driver.
  • Tape-to-Tape Connector: seamlessly joins two sections of strip/tape light.
  • Flexible Extension: joins two tape/strip light sections with a flexible 180°~10° joint.

Using DOUBLE BLAZE Connectors is simple:

  1. Determine which end of the tape/strip matches the polarity of the connector (that is, properly align the + and - of each).
  2. Pull the brown tabs out, away from the connector.
  3. Slide one end of the tape/strip into the small LED molex clamp.
  4. Using care, firmly secure the clamp with the two small brown tabs by squeezing them toward the tape/strip.
  5. Connect to 12V DC power.