DiodeLED FENCER Fixture Accessories

$ 13.50


FENCER® Under Cabinet LED Light Fixtures represent a new LED under cabinet lighting choice. This high quality, ultra-bright fixture connects directly to 120V AC power. Fixtures can be linked seamlessly together or configured with extension cables for a completely customizable installation. With dimmability, style, and accommodating length options, the FENCER Series is one of the most versatile direct-line under cabinet LED light fixtures on the market.

The following FENCER Series Under Cabinet Fixture Accessories are compatible with both SABER™ and FOIL™ models:

  • FOIL Junction Box with On/Off Switch: In configuration with the FOIL Fixtures, the Junction Box can act as a direct line hub as well as offering a built-in On/Off switch for your installation. Hard-wire only.
  • Linkable End-To-End Connector: Seamlessly connects two sections of any length fixture together. One connector comes with each FOIL fixture.
  • 6”, 12”, 24”, and 72” Extension Cables: Perfect for jumping around gaps and obstructions in the installation or negotiating angles of any degree.
  • 72” Power Cable with AC Plug: 120V AC Plug-to-fixture connector cable.
  • 72” Power Cable with Hard-Wire Connection: 120V AC Splice-to-fixture connector cable.