DiodeLED Magnetic Dimmable Driver

$ 152.10


The Magnetic Dimmable Driver is perfect for supplying low voltage power to dimmable 12V or 24V LED lights. These Dimmable LED Drivers are compatible with many magnetic low voltage 120V dimmer switches commonly used in home and commercial installations. See the Compatibility list for a complete list of compatible MLV dimmers.

The Multi-tap models are multiple-output dimmable drivers, designed to power large lighting installations while meeting strict CLASS 2 electrical regulations. Large-scale low voltage projects would normally require multiple 60W (or smaller) drivers to meet Class 2. This driver meets code specifications by offering five output circuits on individual breakers, each of which can be loaded to full 60W Class 2 capacity.

All of our magnetic dimmable drivers have a NEMA 3 rated enclosure suitable for wet and outdoor locations.Please note: These drivers are NOT COMPATIBLE with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimmers such as our REIGN® Wall-Mount LED Dimmer Switches and Inline LED Dimmer Switches.