DiodeLED OmniDRIVE Electronic Dimmable Driver

$ 90.00


OMNIDRIVE® 12V and 24V Electronic Dimmable Drivers offer truly superior performance, providing smooth, flicker-free dimming for LED lighting systems. The OMNIDRIVE Driver comes with a built-in filter that eliminates flickering from 100% down to 10%. These electronic dimmable drivers are also among the most flexible on the market, as they are compatible with a wide range of TRIAC dimmer controls, including: magnetic low voltage (MLV), electronic low voltage (ELV), and incandescent/halogen dimmer switches, as well as 3/4/5-Way and On/Off switching. (See the File Downloads tab for a full list of compatible switches.)

The features and benefits of this power supply include:

  • Form factor - small and compact
  • Location - indoor and outdoor/indoor models
  • Dimming - smooth and flicker-free from 100%-10%
  • Control - compatible with TRIAC forward-phase and reverse-phase dimmer switches