DiodeLED TAPEGUARD® LED Tape Light Cover

$ 6.30


The TAPEGUARD® LED Tape Light Cover is the easiest way to provide protection for indoor LED lighting installations and create an attractive and finished look. TAPEGUARD protects tape light from dust and airborne grease and dirt, and creates a surface that can be easily wiped clean. This 39.4 inch long cover is easy to install: just cut to size, peel off the backing and apply to a flat surface. Choose from a Clear cover for maximum light output or a Frosted cover for subtle light diffusion.

This low-profile cover comes with an adhesive edging that adheres to clean, dry surfaces. TAPEGUARD is made of lightweight, polycarbonate plastic that is easy to install and maintain. The covers can be placed end to end or cut to size for the perfect finished look to linear LED strip light installations.

Works with the following LED tape lights:

  • AVENUE 24™
  • BLAZE™
  • K-RANGE 24® Tunable
  • DAZZLE 24™ RGB and RGBW


NOTE: Not compatible with ULTRA BLAZE™ or SIDEWINDER™ Tape Light or any waterproof/wet location strip light. TAPEGUARD does not change the IP rating of tape light.