LINAIRE® LED Wall Washer

$ 288.00


The LINAIRE® LED Wall Washer is a long, slim linear LED wall washer that is ideal for any indoor application. With a narrow profile form factor ideal for small spaces, the LINAIRE transforms a room with either a color-changing LED light show or pure, bright white light. This UL Listed wall washer is an unbeatable addition to any restaurant, club, event space, or theater that is in need of architectural accent lighting. The LINAIRE can accommodate any lighting need, whether a mellow one with a soothing low light, or an event that calls for strong, dramatic lighting. Each unit comes with two mounting brackets that allow for secure floor mounting.

You can operate the Color-Changing RGB model of this LED wall washer in three ways:

  • Internal (stand-alone) mode: no other equipment is required to set the wall washer internally to generate spectacular color-changing effects, including flashing, fading, static colors and seven changing colors.
  • DMX mode: an external DMX controller or software is required with thousands of possible effects and colors.
  • Daisy chain: several washers can be linked together to synchronize in either DMX or Stand-Alone mode.

The white model of this plug-and-play LED light fixture simply plugs into a wall outlet, and can be dimmed with the on-board control and also daisy-chained to display in sync. The hard-wired DMX cables of this fixture allow you to daisy-chain several of them together and create a massive, dynamic LED lighting display.