Multi Conductor PVC Wire-250' Spool

$ 217.80


Multi-Conductor PVC Jacketed 2464 Wire offers the flexibility to accommodate large LED linear lighting installations. Whether you need to have two areas of a large room accented with full color LED lights that are on the same color controller, or you want to set up parallel runs of LED linear lighting, multi-conductor wire does the job. This wire is what you need for creating extensions between sections of strip and tape light, RGB light fixtures, and LED or DMX color controllers. This stranded wire is available in several gauges, and your choice of number of conductors to match the LED lighting type in your installation.

  • Two-conductor wire: for single color LED tape lights, including BLAZE™, FLUID VIEW®, ULTRA BLAZE™, DOUBLE BLAZE™, and SIDEWINDER™
  • Three-conductor wire: for K-RANGE 24® LED Tape Light
  • Four-conductor wire: for DAZZLE 24™ RGB Tape Light
  • Five-conductor wire: for DAZZLE 24 RGBW Tape Light