Nicolaudie Stick-GA2 DMX LED Controller

$ 671.40


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The Nicolaudie Stick 2 Wall Mount DMX LED Controller offers DMX lighting control in an attractive and intuitive glass touchpad. The sleek, attractive, touch-sensitive surface lets you control and dim color-changing lights, as well as dim single color LED lights. The Nicolaudie Stick 2 includes PC-compatible computer software that you use to create up to 24 custom lighting scenes in a single zone. The Nicolaudie Stick 2 is built to last, stands out only half an inch from a wall, and can be mounted in-wall with the SQUARE-PRO™ Junction Box.

The Nicolaudie Stick 2 Wall Mount DMX LED Controller includes:

  • Wall mount controller
  • Mac/PC compatible software
  • SQUARE-PRO Junction Box: enables a clean in-wall installation
  • RJ45 Splice Cable: creates an RJ45 connection from the controller
  • RJ45 Coupler: joins the RJ45 Splice Cable to an RJ45 ethernet cable running from the LED fixture
  • USB to mini-USB cable to connect controller to PC or Mac
  • 9V Adapter to power

Using the USB connection on this DMX LED color controller is the simplest way to program the STICK 2: connect the device, start the programming software, create the show and finally press the "write memory" button to save the show into the stand-alone memory. Once the scenes are loaded, disconnect the controller, mount it on the wall, and the let your light show begin. The software uses a timeline format similar to video and audio programs, so scenes can be synced with performances and other timed events.